303(d) Listed Stream Segments in the Broad River Watershed

2012 Summary of Stream Segments Not Meeting Their Designated Uses
StreamLocationCountyUseCriterion ViolatedPotential CausesExtent (miles)
Beaverdam CreekDownstream CommerceJacksonFishingDissolved OxygenMunicipal1
Bear CreekDownstream Lavonia WPCPFranklinFishingDissolved OxygenMunicipal2
Beaverdam CreekConfluence of North & South Beaverdam Creeks to Richard B. Russell Lake near ElbertonElbertFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown8
Broad RiverSR 281 to Scull Shoal Creek near DanielsvilleMadisonFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown5
Broad RiverDeep Creek to South Fork Broad RiverMadison/ ElbertFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown7
Clark CreekGreensboro Branch to Long Creek near TignallWilkesFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown6
Dove CreekHeadwaters to Little Dove CreekElbertFishingBiota Impacted (Fish Community)Nonpoint / Unknown6
Falling CreekDry Fork Creek to Broad River near FortsoniaElbertFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown4
Grove CreekHeadwaters to South Fork Broad RiverOglethorpeFishingBiota Impacted (Fish Community)Urban, Nonpoint / Unknown12
Hudson RiverMountain Creek to Webb Creek near HomerBanksFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaUrban, Municipal13
Hudson RiverBlack Creek to Nails Creek near Fort LamarFranklin / MadisonFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown8
Middle Fork Broad RiverNancy Town Creek to Hunters CreekBanks / FranklinFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown13
North Fork Broad RiverUnawatti Creek to Broad River near CarnesvilleFranklinFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown5
South Creek/Bigger CreekHeadwaters to Brush CreekMadisonFishingBiota Impacted (Macroinvertebrate Community)Nonpoint / Unknown9
South Fork Broad RiverBrush Creek to Beaverdam Creek near ComerMadisonFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown3
South Fork Broad RiverClouds Creek to Fork Creek near CarltonMadison / OglethorpeFishingFecal Coliform BacteriaNonpoint / Unknown7
Total Miles109