Paddling Etiquette
Paddling Etiquette

Be Courteous

Most of the land along the Broad River is privately owned, please be courteous while paddling and making stops along the way. Do not disturb property along the river. Minimize the impact you have on places where you launch, take out, and land your boat.

Be considerate of other paddlers / floaters within the river. Avoid dividing up groups of paddlers.

Try not to disturb the wildlife; we are in their home. Additionally, the large piles of woody material and other natural items in the river provide essential habitat for many species of aquatic animals. Even though these items may obstruct your paddle, they should be left alone.

Leave No Trace

We want others that float after us to have the same enjoyable experience that we had. Don’t leave trash in or along the river. Pack out all of your trash while enjoying your day (perhaps even some that we didn’t bring with us). Visit Leave No Trace about more ways to limit your impact on the environment.

If “nature calls,” conduct any such activities at least 200 feet from the water; this helps keep the river clean.

For additional information about paddling safety and etiquette, visit the Etowah River water trail website.