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A Conservation Easement is a voluntary agreement between a land owner and the easement holder to protect the conservation value of land. Land eligible for conservations easements are typically forested, natural, agricultural, or historically valuable lands that have native plants and animals and are managed to protect watershed health and water quality. When the owner agrees to a conservation easement, they typically are agreeing to limit certain types of activities or development on the easement property and to maintain is natural state.
Conservation Easements
Conservation Easements
A Conservation Easement allows a land owner to keep ownership of their property and also be assured that the land will be protected in perpetuity. Conservation Easements are unique and can include all of a person’s property or only a portion of the property. To be eligible for Federal tax deductions, a Conservation Easement must be perpetual. Please consult a tax professional for advice on the tax deductibility of conservation easements.