BRWA Upper
BRWA Upper

BRWA Upper Section

The upper section of the Broad River watershed includes the area upstream of the junction of the Hudson River and the Broad River. It occurs in a small portion of Habersham, Jackson, and Hart Counties, almost half of Stephens County, most of Franklin County and all of Banks County.

Headwaters downstream to and including the junction of Hudson and Broad River.

BRWA Upper Section

Upper Section

Main Tributaries:
North Fork Broad River, Middle Fork Broad River, Hudson River, Nails Creek, Grove Creek, Black Creek, Double Branch, and Rice Creek.

Middle Fork Broad River road crossings

Atkinson Bridge Rd
State Route 51 at Double Bridges Road
Bond Bridge
U.S. Highway 29

North Fork road crossings

State Route 51 at Star Bridge
Rice Mill Road at Double Bridges
Bond Bridge Road

Hudson River road crossings

State Route 106 near Ft. Lamar
U.S. Highway 29