BRWA Upper
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Lower Broad River Watershed

The lower section of the Broad River watershed includes the area from the South Fork of the Broad River downstream and into Clark’s Hill Reservoir (Thurmond Reservoir). It occurs in a portion of Elbert, Oglethorpe, Wilkes and Lincoln Counties.
BRWA Lower Section Map 4

Lower Section

Main Tributaries:
Dove Creek, Millstone Creek, Falling Creek, Long Creek, Macks Creek, Indian Creek, Buffalo Creek, Dry Fork Creek, Clark Creek, Bertram Creek, Coody Creek (drains into Clark’s Hill Reservoir)

Broad River road crossings

State Route 77
State Route 17 at Bell’s Ferry
Broad River Road at DNR WMA (Anthony Shoals)
State Route 79, Broad River Campground
Elijah Clark State Park

Long Creek road crossings

Saxon-Mattox Road
State Route 17